Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Worked in out at last!

We have been trying to work out how to remove a board which is in front of the washing machine. (The machine is enclosed)

Taken ages but Techno finally worked out how to do it this morning. You just have to remove a board in front of the cooker which fits against the washing machine board.

It is just clipped in. Doh!

Anyrate we can now get the washing machine people out to look at it.

Gorgeous is still in Malaysia. It appears to have been a very successful visit so far although she doesn't seem to be getting the support she should from one person. Still she will cope admirably I'm sure.

Fortunately the weather is quite mild at the moment so we haven't had to put the heating on too high.

Joke for today:- A man finishes a terible round of golf. "I've never played so badly like that before" "Really sir" replies the caddie "so you've played before have you?

On this day:- January 25th

In 1924 the first Winter Olympics started.

In 1759 Robert Burns was born and in 1874 Somerset Maugham was also born.

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