Thursday, 6 January 2011

Twelth Night

I went swimming today and did 40 lengths so i am building up to 50 lengths again.

Newtooth borrowed my car this morning to go up to see Ivy as it is her birthday..

Hope her birthday turns out well as she has to go to work and Engineer is away all week.

Still knowing Newtooth she will help the children give Ivy a good time.

The fields are not quite so muddy now so I left Owen have a good run around and we came back through the woods in the dusk.

Very quiet. No one else around.

I will have to get dinner ready shortly although a bit later this week as Techno is on late shift.

No sign yet of further snow which has been promised so I am making the most of it.

The sports centre have been a bit naughty by putting up prices now instead of April when they were due to be reviewed.

There excuse is that as they had to increase the vat to 20% they would add a price increase now so that they wouldn't have to change prices again in April.

This means they have had an extra 3 months at the new price.

The light keeps flickering. Hope we are not going to have a power cut!

Joke for today:- I'm going to live forever or die trying. Joseph Heller.

On this day:- 6th January

In 1838 Samuel Morse demonstrated morse code for the 1st time

In 1412 Joan of Arc was born

John F.Beaumont

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