Saturday, 22 January 2011

They get younger every day

I went to the doctor's yesterday fortunately about nothing serious thsnk goodness.

My previous doctor has moved on so I met my new doctor for the first time.

She is young enough to be my grand-daughter!

Dr Watson (yes that really is her name)seems very efficient but also has a very nice kind manner.

In fact we had a bit of a laugh.

It's very nice when you get someone who is not only professional at their job but has a pleasing personality to go with it.

Gorgeous seems to be having a great time in Malaysia although she seems to be working hard as well.

Not that I would expect anything different because she too is very professional with a lovely personality.

Joke for today:- A single herring can produce over a million offspring. Goodness knows how many a married one can produce.

On this day:- 22nd January

In 1949 Chinese leader Mao Tse-Tung marched into Peking to make the communists virtual masters of China

In 1905 at least 500 people were killed when Cossack troops fired on a march to the Winter Palace in St Petersburg,Russia

John F.Beaumont

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