Thursday, 20 January 2011

The Trip to Malaysia

Gorgeous has arrived for her business trip in Malaysia.

She certainly seems to be enjoying herself. Very positive about both Malaysia and her job.

Mind you I was surprised when I looked up the telephone books I have and there was no mention of international dialling codes. Plenty of adverts!

I had to ring directory enquiries. First number I rang they couldn't help me and I was directed to another number.

Oh wasn't life far less complicated in my youth. You could get information without being persuaded to part with your hard earned cash in other areas.

It's a bit like mobile phones. All I want a phone for is to ring people if I need to contact them.

No I don't need to know what the temperature will be in Western Australia tomorrow or to play some childish game!

Enough of my rant.

Let's have a joke:- A doctor tells a woman she musn't touch anything alcoholic.So she gets a divorce.

On this day:- January 20th

In 1936 King George V died.Edward VIII becomes king.

In 1896 George Burns was born and in 1930 Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin followed him

John F.Beaumont

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