Friday, 14 January 2011

What's the matter with some people! Spam?

With my internet business I have a list of people who have opted in to receive information from me.

If they no longer wish to receive information there is a simple link to unsubscribe.

So no problem really.

Except at the beginning of the year I sent out a broadcast to this list.

I have now discovered that a couple of people accused me of spamming!

The irony is that the only message on the broadcast was "Happy New Year"

Hey they gave me permission to send them information and they could easily have unsubscribed.

I don't mind how many people wish me a happy new year. The more the merrier.

Anyrate the man who came yesterday to do the odd jobs for me was very good and only charged me a very small amount so I am dead chuffed.

My new website is now up and running as Techno has done a good job as well. if you are interested.

It's still the same even if you are not interested. boom boom!

Joke for today:- A man walks into a bookshop and asks for a book by Shakespeare. "Certainly sir" replies the assistant "which one" William says the man

On this day:- 14th January

In 1814 London crowds visited the city's last Frost Fair help on the frozen River Thames.

In 1957 Humphrey Bogart dies and in 1977 Sir Anthony Eden also dies.

John F.Beaumont

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