Saturday, 1 January 2011

The new Endobarrier

This new Endobarrier sounds interesting.

It is a plastic tube which is inserted down the throat and through the stomach and tricks the patient's body into feeling full.

This is supposed to be very useful for those with type 2 Diabetes as it causes the gut to release a hormone which increases the body's use of insulin and lowers blood sugar levels.

On tests it has been found to help patients lose up to a fifth of their body weight.

Call me a cynic but you could probably lock up the patient and ensure that they had good excercise and ate the right foods in the correct quantities! Would be just as successful but hey would not conform to their human rights!

Joke for today:- Did you hear about the gypsy who won the lottery? He got paid in travellers cheques.

On this day:- 1st January

Every year there are celebrations!

In 1959 Castro toppled Cuban dictator

In 44BC Julius Caesar introduced the Julian calender

John F.Beaumont

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