Monday, 15 November 2010

What a Great Attitude

Hi there

Sue, my better half, works as a personal assistant to one of the senior professors at Loughborough University.

One of her special projects of late has been to set up a special relationship with the University of Malay as a result of which 8 engineering students are on a years placement with a major Malayan engineering company.

One of these students, a young lady has sent an article which has been published on the University website.

In it she has spoken of her first 4 months working in Malaya.

Despite the difficulties of very long tiresome hours and having to work 6 days a week in the extreme humidity which she is not used to she is full of enthusiasm.

As she says she is not just learning about how industry works and the technical side of the business she is also learning about new cultures, different people but perhaps most of all about herself.

She says "we are taking a little trip of self-discovery that no tutor, no exam, no text book and no library reference section could ever really teach you"

What a marvelous attitude.

I hope that in the future far more young people will have the opportunity to travel to a different country to continue their education. It is the best hope for the world's future.

Thought for today: Do you try to understand other peoples beliefs and cultures?

Joke for today:- Did you here about the overweight ballerina? She had to wear a three-three.

On this day 15th November

In 1918 the day was declared Victory Day in Britain. At 11am the all clear was sounded for the last time accompanied with bugles and sirens.

In 1837 Isaa Pitman a 24 year old schoolteacher from Wiltshire in England published a book about shorthand writing.

In 1864 Sherman burns Atlanta.

John Beaumont