Friday, 28 January 2011

Where is my accountant?

Hi there

I'm getting a bit concerned today as I still haven't heard back from my accountant.

In the UK we have to pay any tax owing by the end of January or face a £100 fine.

My accountant had my books back in October 2010 so had plenty of time to work things out.

Anyrate I am now on tenderhooks waiting to see if I will have to pay any further tax.

Actually I don't think I will because I had a fair bit of repair work done on one of my properties during the last tax year and this is offset against any profit so I should be ok.

Just annoying that I still haven't got any answers yet despite chasing him up.

Gorgeous got back safely from Malaysia yesterday evening.

She is very tired but it seems to have been a very successful business trip.

Techno put a new article on my blog John Beaumont-Online Business Thoughts.
Only just started this new blog and so far not many people have found it.

Still early days yet and there is/will be a lot of useful information on it.

Joke for today:- A man is walking down a dark alley when a stranger approaches him "Please sir, could you spare some money for a man down on his luck. All I have in the world is this little gun"

On this day:- 28th January

In 1986 America's space shuttle Challenger exploded killing all 7 people on board including teacher Christa McAuliffe. (I remember exactly where I was when I heard this on my car radio)

In 1935 Iceland was the first country to make abortion a legal operation

John F.Beaumont

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