Tuesday, 18 January 2011

In the doctors surgery

I went for a check up this morning and whilst waiting to see the nurse I was musing about the new signing in system.

It is now automatic with a touch screen.

Certainly it speeds things up but I got to thinking how many hands had touched that screen.
Ugh! Here we have sick people coming into a room and all touching the same place.

I wonder how much bactria is being spread around. Doesn't bear thinking about!!

Gorgeous is going off on her business trip to Malaysia this afternoon.

Our washing machine is playing up so we will have to get someone in to look at it.

Still can't grumble as we have had it sometime and it has never given us trouble before.

Joke for today:- Ladies go for younger men. You might as well since they never mature anyway.

On this day:- 18th January

In 1943 Russian forces broke the siege of Leningrad.

In 1778 James Cook discovered Hawaii

John F.Beaumont

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