Friday, 21 January 2011

Lovely Weather

We are having some lovely weather this week.

Sure the nights are cold and there is quite a sharp frost in the mornings but it just makes the air nice and crisp.

The rest of the days have been lovely and sunny. It is almost as if spring is here.

A bit different for Gorgeous who is in Malaysia on business where the temp is over 30 degrees C.

Actually i think the bulbs are a bit confused as they are quite advanced for the time of year.

I'm being a typical Englishman here by talking about the weather.

It isn't surprising really that we are renowned for this as we do have quite a lot of rapid changes in the weather albeit normally not too severe when compared with other places.

Let's have a joke:- An expectant father rings the hospital to see how his wife is getting on. Unfortunately he is connected to a cricket match commentary box. "How's it going" asks the man."Great" is the reply "We've got four out and hope to have the rest out before tea. The last one was a duck"

On this day:- 21st January

The following were born on this day:-

In 1824 "Stonewall" Jackson

In 1905 Christian Dior

In 1925 Telly Savalas

In 1940 Jack Niklaus

and in 1941 Placido Domingo

John F.Beaumont

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