Sunday, 16 January 2011

Susannah York

Oh dear one of my favourite actresses has just died.

I always thought that Susannah York had one of the most prettiest of faces and a nice husky voice.

However perhaps the nicest thing said about her was from her son who praised her as a mother not an actress.

What with Jean Simmons also dying recently I am beginning to show my age! (21)

Gorgeous is getting ready for her business trip to Malaysia although her sciatica has flared up again.

I hope it won't give her problems on her trip.

Joke for today:-Mothers of teenagers know why some animals eat their young.

On this day:- 16th January

In 1937 Du Pont patented Nylon.

In 1853 Andre Michelin of tyre fame was born

John F.Beaumont

In 1909 Ethel Merman was born

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