Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The most expensive 5 pence

The man came out to look at the washing machine which was giving us trouble.

Eventually found the problem.

A 5 pence piece had got lodged in the pump.

Wow that was the most expensive 5p piece we have ever had.

It cost us over £100 to put the machine right!

Mind you I was a little put out because the quote was for £88 but the repair man charged more because he had some difficulty with the door and getting the washing machine out.

Never mind it is only money!

Owen the springer spaniel is moping around. I think he is missing Gorgeous who is still in Malaysia.

She seems to be having a successful business trip.

Techno is helping me with my internet business which is going very well.

Joke for today:- Why was the farmer hopping mad? Someone stepped on his corn.

On this day:- 26th January

In 1942 US troops arrived in Britain

I am writing some more articles and putting them on my new blog

Must press on

John F. Beaumont

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