Monday, 31 January 2011

The Tax Man Coughs Up!


I actually have some tax to come back as the tax man overcharged me fo the tax year 2009/2010.

Even better Gorgeous is getting even more money back.

I had to go back to the doctors today to get the results of my recent blood test.

Thankfully everything appears to be fine.

Joke for today:- The only thing that stops him from being a barefaced liar is his moustache.

On this day:- 31st January

In 1917 USA entered the 1st World War after Germany torpedoes American ships

In 1951 Phil Collins was born

In 1974 Sam Goldwyn dies.

John F.Beaumont

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Money. An end or a means?

I read a very interesting report from The Special Revolution Teachings about money.

In this report they suggest that there are two main views people have of money.

The vast majority of us look at money as an end.

What they mean is that most people look at accumulating money as an end in itself.

We are all so concerned about money or rather the lack of it that our objective is to hoard as much as possible to feel secure.

The authors then go on to suggest that we should consider money purely as a means.

By this they mean that money is simply in our possession purely to be exchanged for something we really want.

We should be grateful every time we spend money as we are exchanging it for something we want and should give us pleasure.

This may seem strange when paying taxes but we should be grateful as some money is used for such things as refuse collection etc. The alternative is rubbish piled high

I'm not sure that I have the faith to believe that by being grateful I will always have the money replaced but it's an interesting theory.

Gorgeous,Techno and I had a nice meal out yesterday although Gorgeous is suffering from jet lag following her successful trip to Malaysia.

Joke for today:- Mother to son "Did you just swallow the money I gave to you? Of course was the reply. It was my lunch money"

On this day:- 30th January

In 1933 Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany.

In 1961 the contraceptive pill goes on sale in the UK.

John F.Beaumont

That doesn't seem right for taxes etc but if you think about what the taxes provide such as refuse coleection we should still be grateful. The alternative would be piled high rubbish!

It's certainly an interesting way of looking at money.

I'm not sure that I have the faith that spending with gratefulness will mean more money coming my way.

However as they point out would you rather look back on your life at all the things you have done with your money or look at a statement which just shows some figures?

We had a good day shopping yesterday and Gorgeous, Techno and I had a nice meal out although Gorgeous is suffering from jet lag following her successful visit to Malaysia.

John F.Beaumont

Friday, 28 January 2011

Where is my accountant?

Hi there

I'm getting a bit concerned today as I still haven't heard back from my accountant.

In the UK we have to pay any tax owing by the end of January or face a £100 fine.

My accountant had my books back in October 2010 so had plenty of time to work things out.

Anyrate I am now on tenderhooks waiting to see if I will have to pay any further tax.

Actually I don't think I will because I had a fair bit of repair work done on one of my properties during the last tax year and this is offset against any profit so I should be ok.

Just annoying that I still haven't got any answers yet despite chasing him up.

Gorgeous got back safely from Malaysia yesterday evening.

She is very tired but it seems to have been a very successful business trip.

Techno put a new article on my blog John Beaumont-Online Business Thoughts.
Only just started this new blog and so far not many people have found it.

Still early days yet and there is/will be a lot of useful information on it.

Joke for today:- A man is walking down a dark alley when a stranger approaches him "Please sir, could you spare some money for a man down on his luck. All I have in the world is this little gun"

On this day:- 28th January

In 1986 America's space shuttle Challenger exploded killing all 7 people on board including teacher Christa McAuliffe. (I remember exactly where I was when I heard this on my car radio)

In 1935 Iceland was the first country to make abortion a legal operation

John F.Beaumont

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Unintentional laughs.

Techno and I had a great laugh last night over something which was unintentionally funny.

At the church that Techno attends they showed a motivational film which was produced in the USA.

Obviously different cultures come into play here because an action by one person in the film had a completely different reaction here.

He raises two fingers to his eyes to make a point but here in the UK it is taken as a two figure salute!

It is a rude sign given to someone when you are really annoyed with them.

I assume in the USA it doesn't have the same meaning.

Anyrate it gave us a great laugh which of course wasn't the point.

It just goes to show how careful you have to be when promoting something in another land.

Joke for today:- The marriage got off to a bad start. At the wedding ceremony when the vicar said "You may now kiss the bride" she replied "Not now I have a headache."

On this day:- 27th January

In 1967 three American astronauts died when a fire broke out in their command module during a flight simulation.

In 1943 the US Air Force bombed Germany for the first time.

John F.Beaumont

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The most expensive 5 pence

The man came out to look at the washing machine which was giving us trouble.

Eventually found the problem.

A 5 pence piece had got lodged in the pump.

Wow that was the most expensive 5p piece we have ever had.

It cost us over £100 to put the machine right!

Mind you I was a little put out because the quote was for £88 but the repair man charged more because he had some difficulty with the door and getting the washing machine out.

Never mind it is only money!

Owen the springer spaniel is moping around. I think he is missing Gorgeous who is still in Malaysia.

She seems to be having a successful business trip.

Techno is helping me with my internet business which is going very well.

Joke for today:- Why was the farmer hopping mad? Someone stepped on his corn.

On this day:- 26th January

In 1942 US troops arrived in Britain

I am writing some more articles and putting them on my new blog

Must press on

John F. Beaumont

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Worked in out at last!

We have been trying to work out how to remove a board which is in front of the washing machine. (The machine is enclosed)

Taken ages but Techno finally worked out how to do it this morning. You just have to remove a board in front of the cooker which fits against the washing machine board.

It is just clipped in. Doh!

Anyrate we can now get the washing machine people out to look at it.

Gorgeous is still in Malaysia. It appears to have been a very successful visit so far although she doesn't seem to be getting the support she should from one person. Still she will cope admirably I'm sure.

Fortunately the weather is quite mild at the moment so we haven't had to put the heating on too high.

Joke for today:- A man finishes a terible round of golf. "I've never played so badly like that before" "Really sir" replies the caddie "so you've played before have you?

On this day:- January 25th

In 1924 the first Winter Olympics started.

In 1759 Robert Burns was born and in 1874 Somerset Maugham was also born.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Malaysia continued

Gorgeous had a free day yesterday before returning to her business meetings.

She certainly seems to be enjoying herself.

Apparently there is a very large sort of aviary in Kuala Lumpur with all sorts of birds native and from other parts of the world.

Whilst Gorgeous was there she delved into her bag and before she knew it two blue parrots landed on her shoulders. (one each side)

They then proceeded to tug at her hair. Looking for nesting material?

Unfortunately she didn't get a photo of this although other people did.

If you want to see some of her picture then feel free to visit her blog.

Joke for today:- A boat carrying blue paint collides with another carrying red paint.Apparently the crews were marooned.

On this day;- January 24th

In 1965 Sir Winston Churchill died

In 1916 conscription introduced in Britain.

In 76AD Hadrian of the wall fame was born

John F.Beaumont