Sunday, 2 January 2011

The Oldie Annual 2011

Sue, the better half bought me The Oldie Annual yesterday.

She already paid for the annual subscription to the magazine for me.

I really enjoy both the annual and the monthly magazine because they are so politically incorrect!

It is a pleasure to see publications which still call a spade a spade rather than the mealy mouthed efforts of some others. I said a spade not a ........shovel!

I hasten to add that I don't like deliberate attacks on other races, religions or politics but sometimes the fear of the political police stifle honest debate about things which should be discussed.

I was brought up in an era of free speech and whilst this view has taken a battering over recent years I believe it will make a comeback.

The best way of dealing with bigots is to let them rant and rave. That way we can SEE they are bigots.

Anyrate let's have a joke:- What good is a mouthwash that kills germs? Who wants a mouth full of dead germs?

On this day:- 2nd January

In 1492 seven hundred years of Arab rule ended in Spain when the last Spanish Muslim stronghold fell.

In 1727 James Wolfe who fought the French in Canada was born

John F.Beaumont

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