Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Doggy friends.

When I took the Hubble Bubble (dog) for a walk the other day he disappeared into the mist.

I spent nearly 20 minutes searching for him when he suddenly came back with Poppy his friend.

He had gone off for a walk with Poppy and her owner.

Strangely yesterday the reverse happened.

I was over the fields when Poppy suddenly appeared and wanted to come for a walk with us!

Nice to have friends.

Gorgeous is getting ready for her trip to Malaysia.

It is a business trip and I think she is a little concerned about how the meetings will go.

Still she is very capable so she will handle it all very well.

Joke for today:- A barking dog never bites. Well at least whilst he is barking.

On this day:- 12th January

In 1976 Agatha Christie died

In 1904 Henry Ford achieved a new land speed record of 91.37 mph.

John F.Beaumont

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