Friday, 17 December 2010

Christmas Presents

Because of the bad weather we have had recently many Christmas presents ordered on line are held up in courier warehouses as deliveries have been difficult.

My son Chris works for a well known courier company and they have been on the receiving end of many irate customers.

Unfortunately there is little they can do except axcept the abuse!

Chris then comes home and helps me with my internet business so he gets very tired.

Thought for today:- Are you sympathetic to the problems of others?

Todays joke:- Waiter there's a fly in my soup.That's not a fly that's a vitamin bee.

On this day:- 17th December

In 1778 Sir Humphrey Davy who invented the safety lamp for miners was born

In 1936 Tommy Steele was born.

John F.Beaumont internet marketer

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