Wednesday, 15 December 2010

A Carol Service

Last night I was invited to a carol service by The Loughborough Students Union.

It was held at a local church and was brilliant. There must have been well over a
hundred young people there and the singing was awsome. Raised the hairs on the back
of the neck.

It was so nice to see young people thoroughly enjoying themselves without the use of
alcohol or drugs!

A really great evening.

Chris is still helping me with the new website for my internet business.

Joke for today:- What happens when you cross a librarian with a lawyer? You get all the information you want but can't understand it!

On this day:- 15th December

In 1892 Jean Paul Getty was born.

In 1832 Eiffel who built the tower was born

In 1916 the battle of Verdun ended after 700,000 soldiers were killed.

John F. Beaumont Internet Marketer

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