Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Hi there

Well I'm still here (I think)

I'm amazed at the amount of information being sent through emails. Ezines have a tremendous amount of members but the trouble is a lot of the information being sent is not really relevent to me.

I've just put out another solo ad so will be interesting to see what response I get. The main problem is that people get saturated with advertisements the whole time. Pity they should just read mine. Ha ha I am sending them to my website to get more information on the YourNetBiz opportunity. I think it is great certainly the best information I have seen on learning about internet marketing but as they say the proof of the pudding is in the eating. So we shall see.

Does anyone else think that the standard keyboard needs changing. I keep pressing the caps lock key by mistake, I think it is in the wrong place but maybe that's just my carelessness.

I received a letter today from an organisation called Back on the Map. One of the properties I own is in Hendon a part of Sunderland and apparently this organisation is running the Middle Hendon Neighbourhood Renewal Project to "transform Hendon". This may be great but I am just a little surprised that the main building contractor Frank Haslam Milan may contact me "to discuss and assess REQUIRED external improvements to my property. If I am unable to attend the proposed meeting then they will write to me to provide me with details of the work planned and choices available to me. Hang on! Who asked me whether or not I wanted anything done to the property in the first place. I'm sure that they mean well but shouldn't we all be asked if we wanted the area changed in the first place. Talk about big brother.
Enough of my rant.

Thought for today. Why worry about things we can't change. lets concentrate on changing for the better those things we do have control over.

Joke for today: A new Army computer is put through it's paces. An officer types in a question "How far is it from the barrack gate to the armoury?" The computer replies "Five hundred" The officer types "Five hundred what?" The computer replies "Five hundred,SIR!"

On this day 17th June:- In 1972. Five men caught breaking in at The Watergate with eavesdropping equipment. The Democratic Party Headquarters.
In 1823 Charles Mackintosh patents a waterproof material
In 1950 first kidney transplant carried out
In 1970 first Polaroid camera patented
In 1703 John Wesley founder of Methodism born
In 1946 Barry Manilow born

What a day!

See ya. Owen says go chase the rabbits.
Have fun

John Beaumont

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