Monday, 10 May 2010

Are we allowed to take enough risks?

Hi friends
Are we allowed to take enough risks in life? The reason I ask is that last week a cadet on a sailing ship unfortunately died after falling from the rigging. Very sad.
However I think that todays youth do not get enough opportunity to test themselved because of the 'elf and safety brigade.
When I was at school in the 1950's I joined the cadet force. Initially we spent a year in the army detachment before we could choose to either stay on the army side or transfer to the navy or airforce branches.
During the first year we went on quite realistic army excercises which included being issued with live ammunition. We had live firing on full scale long range butts. When not firing we were based underneath the targets with pointers to show whoever was firing where their bullet went. Very exciting for a fourteen year old!
The following years I went to sea when on annual camp. This involved climbing up a rope ladder in the middle of the ocean from a small boat onto a frigate. The sea was quite choppy as well.
One time we climbed up onto HMS Blackpool. This was in 1958 and Blackpool was a brand new frigate at the time just undergoing her sea trials. Whilst we were on her she fired her brand new anti submarine mortars for the first time. These were the latest state of the art weapons then so just before they fired them we were all told to flatten ourselves face down on the deck in case bits of metal flew off.
I don't think that many youngsters get the same opportunities today.
Still I now get excitement from building my internet business instead.
Thought for today. Did you take any exciting (but legal/moral) risks today?
Joke for today:- Last week I replaced every window in my house. Then I discovered I had a crack in my glasses.
On this day 10th May:- In 1849 troops opened fire on a rioting crowd in Ney York killing 22 people.
In 1940 Winston Churchill became Prime Minister replacing Chamberlain
In 1863 Stonewall Jackson died from wounds obtained from friendly fire

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